Over the years we have seen lots of Electrical horrors

As Electrical Contractors we have seen some very worrying electrical horrors over the past few years. Below you can see a selection of some of the 'worst nightmare' moments we have come across and stayed on site to correct as they should be.

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Cables Wisbech
This was found on a condition report have not seen this before
Cables Wisbech
Neutral on isolator and consumer unit heat damage next would of been the fire brigade
Smoke Alarm Guyhirn
Smoke alarm completely missing
Electrical Issue Kings Lynn
Fire risk waiting to happen
Commercial Electrics Guyhirn
Incorrect commercial installation
Emergency Electrician Wisbech
Still baffled why they went around the pipe?
Cable Electricans Leverington
Excessive straight on cables
Emergency Electrical Installation Peterborough
We are still amazed that this was still in use!
Cables Wisbech
No protection to cable entry
Burnt Cables Leverington
Cables badly burnt
Light Installation Peterborough
Lights installed too close to timber roof
Cable Installation Wisbech
Cables so hot they burnt through
Electrical Services Wisbech
Cheap poor quality cables
Lighting Wisbech
Every light in roof space was like this !
Electricity Issues Guyhirn
Burnt out neutral
Local Electricians Wisbech
This was an interesting one
Faulty Garden Electrics Kings Lynn
An ants nest caused this fault to a garden supply
Commercial Contractor Leverington
This was found in a commercial gutter system after a roofing contractor got an electric shock
Loose Cables Wisbech
A burnt out main switch (loose cable found to be the problem)
Electrical Fire Wisbech
A loose neutral caused this fire
Burnt Out Lighting Guyhirn
A burnt out light that set fire to a shop
Electrical Testing Peterborough
This had a 'pass' sticker on it. It should have been on a 16amp plug not a 13amp. A bolt was also used as a fuse - not very safe !